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Discover a new generation of innovative pool robots, more efficient and more economical.


ROBOT 7310

For bottom and wall cleaning

The 7310 robot is equipped with all the latest technologies including FOCUS FLOW suction to concentrate all the suction power to ensure you a perfect cleaning. Designed for swimming pools up to 10m x 5m and 2.50m deep, the unit has a very large basket. With its soft brushes, it will overcome impurities on the floor, walls or water line.

ROBOT 5220-LUNA 10

The top of the range of our jet propulsion models

The 5220-LUNA robot is the top of the range jet propulsion models. It is equipped with brushless motors, lateral extensions allowing to suck on a total width of 40cm at each passage, of a basket collecting impurities and our Focus Flow technology allowing to concentrate the aspiration. The 5220-LUNA 10 robot is intended for flat-bottomed pools up to 8m x 4m

ROBOT 5210-J200

For most above ground pools

The 5210-J200 robot is intended for flat bottom pools up to 7m x 3.50m. It perfectly matches most aboveground pools. Featuring a large dirt collection bag, a Focus Flow suction and a floating swivel connection system to minimize tangling of the power cable, it will quickly clean your pool.

ROBOT 5200-J2X

Our most economical model

The 5200-J2X robot is our most economical model. It is perfectly suited to freestanding pools and tubular pools. It effectively complements the filtration of the pool by recovering impurities before they deteriorate by disrupting the quality of the water. The 5200-J2X robot is designed for small above ground pools up to 4.50m.

A New Generation of Robots

The 5200-J2X robot is our most economical model. Perfectly suited to freestanding swimming pools and tubular pools, it complements the filtration of the swimming pool by allowing the collection of impurities deposited on the ground before they deteriorate and disturb the quality of the water.

Focused aspiration FOCUS FLOW

All our robots are equipped with this technology. Most robots have a diffuse suction requiring a very strong suction and therefore a significant energy consumption to suck the impurities. The FOCUS FLOW suction makes it possible to focus the suction on a narrow band and thus to obtain a very strong suction requiring less energy.

NO-TWIST swivel joint

The NO-TWIST technology equips the 5210-J200, 5200-LUNA 10 and 7310 models. The floating NO-TWIST swivel joint makes it possible to limit the twisting of the robot's power cable. The cable becomes less entangled and the robot can reach the different points of the pool without being limited by its entangled cable.

Fine filtration kit

All our models can receive optional fine filtration kit. This disposable filter fits into the robot's bag or basket and helps improve the fineness of filtration if you occasionally have fine particles at the bottom of the pool.

Led diagnostic system

The 5210-J200, 5220-LUNA10 and 7310 models are equipped with LEDs whose status makes it easy to diagnose any problem, such as a loose cable.

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Discover a new generation of innovative pool robots, more efficient and more economical.

Our innovations have only one goal

Create efficient and affordable robots for both purchase and maintenance costs.


Lightweight, equipped with our FOCUS FLOW technology, 8STREME robots are energy efficient. So you realize a double economy: the purchase because of the excellent quality / price ratio of our products and in operating cost thanks to low power consumption.

Performance and Reliable

Fully focused on performance, 8STREME robots are also designed with the idea of ​​having products that are reliable and as simple as possible.

"This robot is exceptionally reliable, we immediately adopted to take care of daily cleaning our pool of our main residence.
Jean de laroche
Owner, Aix en Provence

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